Employment Equality & Discrimination Law


Advocacy with impact is one of our core values.  It is at the sharp end, before the Tribunal or appellate jurisdictions, that our clients see the true benefit of instructing River Chambers.

The real rewards of years of specialism in employment law are quickly seen when we are on our feet.  Whether in cross examining witnesses, delivering memorable submissions and closing speeches or responding to the inevitable issues which arise at trial, our advocacy sets us apart and is regularly commended by the bench.

We are meticulous in our preparation and tenacious in representing our clients. We are always mindful of the particular concerns of our clients, and our accessible approach allows us to allay any fears and quickly gain client confidence in proceedings.  Whether you are involved in a one day redundancy trial, or a complex discrimination claim being heard over several weeks, our expertise and instinctive advocacy affords a competitive edge in litigation.

We appear in Tribunals across the country. Our nationwide profile provides a valuable insight into national and regional trends, and how these may best assist our clients.   

We also appear in the appellate jurisdictions, and have successfully represented clients before the EAT and Court of Appeal, including starred and leading decisions now quoted regularly before the Tribunal:     

Woodward v Abbey National, CA (post termination discrimination claims under PIDA)

Spillet v Tesco Stores Ltd, Bupa v McCann & others, EAT (the SGP and time limits )

Abbey National v Fairbrother, EAT (Constructive dismissal and the reasonable range)

Kopel v Safeway Stores Ltd, EAT (Human Rights and costs orders)

Othman Khalid v Tesco Stores Ltd (band of reasonable responses in unfair dismissal)

For more information on how our advocacy strength can assist you or your client, please read the profiles of our people, or contact us.

Instinctive, persuasive and our key strength